Socktail Club Terms of Service


Socktail Club is a monthly subscription box. By subscribing you are able to get the member price of $33 per box. You will receive 1 box per month.

You can purchase a single box without subscribing for $38.

You can cancel any time.

You may choose to skip months.

You may subscribe at any time during the month, your payment method will be charged on the following 6th. For example, if you subscribe in February prior to the 5th, you'll be charged on the 6th, and receive a box at the end of February. If you subscribe after the 5th you won't be charged until March 6th, and receive a box at the end of March. 

You will receive an email on the 1st of every month reminding you that your designated payment method will be charged on the 6th of that month.

If you wish to skip a month, you may do so by emailing with your request prior to the 5th. 

Boxes will ship out on the 25th of each month.

Each month you will be billed for and receive the same number of skeins as your initial subscription unless you log into your account and change the quantity between the 1st and the 5th of that month.